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About Me

Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Oliver Hanfmann began his musical career at the age of fifteen, singing along to Beatles songs and joining the Jupiter High School chorus. The next year he entered the Spectrum choir and fronted a rock band put together by Absolute Music Studios based in Jupiter, Florida.

Combined with the choral classical training he gained from school and the contemporary rock and pop stylings embodied in his studio experiences, he went on to major in Vocal Performance and received a vocal scholarship at Palm Beach State College for making it into their elite Troubadours octet in his Freshman year. In 2018 and 2019, he also taught at the North Palm Beach and South Palm Beach School of Rock campuses as a Vocal Instructor.

Now, Oliver performs for a living either as a solo musician or as frontman of his band Oliver and the Twist and offers private in-home singing lessons to those interested in furthering their own vocal expertise.

His solo set consists of live-looping acoustic guitar, weaving through many different decades and genres to keep the audience guessing. With his music he tells stories of glory, of loss, of turmoil and triumph, and of love and heartbreak; seeking to capture the highs and lows of the human experience in his art.​

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